Send a Traditional Impression

Traditional case submission is no longer a hassle with our three step guide below. Firstly, print and fill out your Rx form that will be included in the case. Then schedule your case to determine the estimated turnaround time. Finally, input your zip code to find out if you fall within our local zone, which qualifies you for pick-up, or if you fall outside of it, which you can then print a free UPS shipping label.

Step 1

Print and fill out our Rx form to be included with your case. Rx Form

Step 2

Discover if you fall within our local pickup area and schedule your case to be picked up. If you do not fall within our local pickup area then print a UPS shipping label.
Zip Code
You’re in the neighborhood of our laboratory, which qualifies you for free pickup and delivery service. Please call us at 727-573-2781 or 800-341-8378 to schedule a local pickup.
Your practice falls outside our driver’s local pick-up area, please feel to print a USPS return label. Print USPS Return Label

Step 3

Use our convenient case scheduling tool to receive turnaround time estimates for any type of restoration. [wp_schedule_case]