Digital Dentistry

Unparalleled Precision with Our Digital Advantage

Tele-Dent Laboratory is fully supportive of the rapidly advancing digital technology in the dental industry. We are committed to investing in our lab and ensuring that we are always using the latest cutting-edge technology. We have the ability to receive intra-oral scans, which makes the restorative process faster and more accurate for you and your patients. By designing the final case before we make it, our final product is virtually flawless. We are able to accept files from every digital system, which helps us ensure that every restoration is consistently accurate. A key tool in our digital process is the 3Shape System™. With the latest in CAD/CAM design, this system automates the fabrication process while still allowing our dental technicians to add needed personal design elements. The 3Shape delivers accurate 3D scanning, intuitive CAD modeling, efficient order management and reliable communication tools. The conoscopic holography allows us to precisely capture steep angles and deep cavities of complex shapes.