Flexible Partial

Flexible Partial

Our exceptional flexible partial dentures are available in various packages to ensure that every dental and economic need may be met.

DuraFlex™ Flexible Partials

DuraFlex™ Flexible Partials are made out of thermoplastic material. This material makes adjustments easy, and the partials are overall easier to polish and have superior color stability. DuraFlex™ also offers fantastic esthetics with veined acrylic in six shades. The material is translucent allowing the natural coloring of the tissue to show through the material causing DuraFlex to virtually disappear in the mouth. It won’t discolor, and is highly resistant to stains and odors.

VisiClear™ Clasps

These clasps are an extremely esthetic option due to their translucency. They are made from state-of-the-art, durable thermoplastic materials, which offers stain resistance to ensure perpetually clear clasps. They are flexible and offer excellent retention.

DuraCetal™ Clasps

The resin material of these clasps is highly-resistant to bacteria to prevent odors and can be easily matched to natural tooth/tissue shades for the best esthetics.
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Proudly made in America.

Flexible Partial